500 kW Testing Rig KSVA
The 500 kWth testing rig KSVA is build for atmospheric combustion of pulverised fuels. A schematic is shown in the figure below. The vertical combustion chamber  with a total length of 7m is water cooled, the upper 4m are additionnally refractory lined. The cooling water runs from the bottem to the top. The furnace is cylindrical in shape with an inner diameter of 0.75m. The burner plate is mounted at the top, so the firing direction is downwards. For the upheating of the furnace, a natural gas burner is integrated. The head of the pulverised fuel burner is exchangable depending on the fuel which is burned. Combustion air is preheated by the flue gas up to 200ºC. Furthermore, flue gas can be recirculated and enriched with oxygen to investigate oxyfuel conditions. A high-dust SCR catalyst for NOx reduction is installed in the flue gas path as well as an E-filter for dust segregation. Both flue gas treatments can be by-passed individually.

For gaining experimental data, the combustion chamber is accessible from all sides via flanges at each 90º. Detailed in-flame measurement is performed using specially designed probes. Thus, gas composition, gas temperature and ash sampling are obtained in vertical and horizontal direction.

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