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In this section, the publications of FLOX-COAL-II group members are listed. They include the conference name, the held presentation and the abstract of the submitted paper, if available.
BFRC Technical Meeting 2013
The FLOX-COAL-II project was showcased at British Flame Research Committee (BRFC) Technical Spring Meeting 2013 in Kent, UK. A. Duncan showed his work dealing with the simulation of conventional combustion on the one hand and unconventional combustion, such as FLOX, on the other hand. In a second presentation, M. Weidmann presented selected results of the first experimental campaign and discussed the simulation results compared to these measurements.
The extended abstracts and presentations can be downloaded here:
BFRC TM 2013 Abstract - Duncan
BFRC TM 2013 Presentation - Duncan
BFRC TM 2013 Abstract - Weidmann
BFRC TM 2013 Presentation - Weidmann

IEA Clean Coal Technologies 2013
The FLOX-COAL-II project was presented at IEA CCT 2013 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The topic of the contribution is "Detailled Investigation of flameless oxidation of pulverized coal at pilot-scale (230kWth)" dealing with the experimental results obtained in the first experimental campaign.
The abstract and presentation can be downloaded here:
CCT 2013 Abstract - Weidmann
CCT 2013 Presentation - Weidmann

26th VDI German Flameday (26. VDI Flammentag) 2013
The FLOX-COAL-II project was represented at 26th German Flameday in Duisburg, Germany, by three contributions. First, B. Gövert presented the challenges and results of measuring char reaction rates obtained in the small scale fluidized bed reactor. Secondly, M. Weidmann gave the auditorium an overview of the conducted measurements in the first experimental campaign. Finally, T. Gronarz presented the influence of the newly implemented radiation sub-model (exponential wide band model) on the CFD-simulation results based on the measurement results presented before.
The abstracts and presentations can be downloaded here:
Flammentag 2013 Abstract - Gövert
Flammentag 2013 Presentation - Gövert
Flammentag 2013 Abstract - Weidmann
Flammentag 2013 Presentation - Weidmann
Flammentag 2013 Abstract - Gronarz
Flammentag 2013 Presentation - Gronarz

39th International Technical Conference on Clean Coal & Fuel Systems  VDI Flammentag) 2014 - Clearwater
The FLOX-COAL-II project was represented at 39th Clean Coal Conference held in Clearwater by one contribution. M. Weidmann presented the progress made in PC-FLOX burner design based on the  results of experimental testing of first prototype burner and on the CFD simulations performed.
The abstracts and presentations can be downloaded here:
Cleawater 2014 Abstract - Weidmann
Cleawater 2014 Presentation - Weidmann
The following journal publications have been published so far by the FLOX-COAL-II consortium:

Detailed investigation of flameless oxidation of pulverized coal at pilot-scale (230 kWth) - M. Weidmann, V. Verbaere, G. Boutin, D. Honoré, S. Grathwohl, G. Goddard, C. Gobin, H. Dieter, R. Kneer, G. Scheffknecht

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