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Project Objectives
In the FLOX-COAL-II project, several partners from all over Europe work together to achieve the goal of the development of an full-scale PC-FLOX burner. The necesserary tasks are distributed as shown in the diagram.

Basic experimental investigation is the backbone of all future work. Therefore, a pilot-scale burner is designed and tested in the test facility at University of Stuttgart. Wide-ranging data is obtained by detailed measurements.

Since coal combustion in flameless mode differs from conventional flame mode in terms of near burner aerodynamics, fuel conversion, heat transfer and emission behaviour, new FLOX-specific CFD sub-models are developed. In order to develop simulation tools for PC-FLOX, these sub-models are integrated in commercial CFD codes. After validation against the experimental results and cross-comparism of the obtained CFD results, the tools are used to design a second pilot-scale burner.

The up-scaling rules for full-scale PC-FLOX burners are developed with respect to sensitivity analyses of experimental and numerical results. With the industrial partners' expertise in commercial scale burner development, production and use, the new scale-up methodology is evaluated. It is applied to design a second PC-FLOX burner.

Eventually, all results lead to a validated scale-up methodology. It is used to design full-scale burners for wall and tangentially fired utility boilers. In order to bring the technology closer to the utility plant market, a CFD study is carried out delivering technical solutions for utility boilers and an economical assessment of PC-FLOX burners' application to wall and tangentially fired boilers.

The applicability of PC-FLOX burner technology to oxy-fuel power plants is theoretically investigated. Since FLOX burners operate with a strong internal flue gas recirculation, it is revealed wether the burner could operate in FLOX regime without forced (external) flue gas recirculation.
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