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Since the 1970s primary measures in pulverized coal combustion have been developed to satisfy the demand of low NOx emissions, e.g. swirl burners and air staging. Nevertheless, high cost flue gas treamtent systems like SCR are still necessary to fulfill the legal requirements. With respect to even lower emission limits in 2016, new measures are necessary to match the requirements and to reduce the costs of power generation.

A promising technology is the flameless oxidation (FLOX®). Therefore, the fuel is injected separately from the main combustion air jet. The very high velocity of the main combustion air jet results in a high momentum which initiats a recirculation of the flue gas within the furnace. The recirculated flue gas dilutes the combustion air jet as well as the fuel jet, and both jet are preheated. Since the temperature exceeds self ignition temperature of the fuel, stable oxidation is established, even a visible flame front is not existing due to the high injection velocity.

Since flameless oxidation is already a mature technology for gaseous fuels, the application to solid fuels still needs to be further developed. Former projects have shown the feasibility and the potential of NOx reduction using pulverised coal in flameless oxidation in bench scale and pilot scale (0.3 MWth).

Now, this project aims to develop a scale-up methodology and simulation tools which are required for the implementation of pulverised coal flameless oxidation (PC-FLOX) burners in utility plants. Substantial pilot (0.5MWth) experimental investigation will be the backbone in order to support the development and validation of scale-up methodology and CFD FLOX-specific sub-models. To develop simulation tools, these CFD FLOX-specific sub-models will be integrated into commercial CFD codes. A CFD modelling, experimental results and industrial partners’ expertise will lead to the development of the scale-up methodology for full-scale PC-FLOX burners. A CFD study and techno-economic analysis of utility plants operated with PC-FLOX burners will be carried out.

This RFCS funded project will strengthen the leading European position in coal combustion technology and establish new local coal markets, on which the European community has specific advantages against imported coals.

Remark: FLOX® is a registered trademark of the WS-Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH, Renningen
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The project FLOX-COAL-II was successfully accomplished. The publishable report can be found here.
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